Acromil's Machining

Committed to providing our customers the best solutions for their complex machining and assembly requirements, Acromil continues to invest in the latest machining technologies that the industry has to offer.

(8) Five Axis Multi-Spindle Titanium Gantries with work surfaces up to 180 feet long and up to a 60 inch spindle spread
(4) Five Axis Multi-Spindle Aluminum Gantries with work surfaces up to 130 feet long and up to a 100 inch spindle spread
(2) Horizontal Hard Metal Machining Centers with dual 40 inch pallets and up to 1,990 foot pounds of torque
(5) High Speech Machining Centers with up to 30,000 RPMs and (2) with dual palleted tilt-up
(5) Fully Nutating Head Six Axis Profilers capable of cutting titanium or aluminum with a working envelope up to 55” x 110” x 165”
(1) Precision Horizontal Boring Mill with 76 HP, high torque and a rotary table
Independent A-axis drives and motors for exceptional strength and accuracy
Wide-Range precision gantries capable of cutting Titanium or Aluminum

Plant 1 City of Industry

Plant 2 Corona

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