Equipped with machines capable of working on all aerospace metals, Acromil produces a wide variety of simple and complex machined components. Our products range from spars, beams, longerons and stringers to pylons, engine mounts, wing skins, wingfolds, and strut assemblies to bulkheads and fuel floors to many smaller airframes components of all types and sizes. We have produced wing spars as long as 40 feet to smaller components as small as six inches or less.

Acromil has also supplied assembled parts to customers ranging from table top assemblies to assembly of several components to complex assemblies, such as a pylon.

Titanium Products

Door Edge Frames 12” x 12” x 120”

Pylon fitting 16” x 12” x 110”

Engine Bulkhead 12” x 48” x 115”

Thrust Reverser Fitting 12” x 12” x 24”

Landing Gear Component 24” x 24” x 36

Engine Mount 14” x 24” x 36”

Aluminum Products

Thrust Reverser Beam 24” X 36” X 144”

Weapons Pylon Adapter 16” X 36” X 96”

Sniper Pod® Adapter 24” X 36” X 60”

Fuel Floor 6” X 36” X 72”

Fuse Engine Keel Assembly 6” x 78” x 182”

Wing Skin 6” X 48” X 124”